The First Weeks of a puppy's life

Feeding should be done slowly. Let the puppies take their time, reducing the risk of, inadvertently, introducing liquid in their lungs, causing fatal pneumonia. Puppies need to be fed frequently during their first weeks of life; each two hours, from 6.00 till midnight, with two more during the night. Once he is satisfied, clean around his mouth and his back legs. This replaces the licking of the mother, and encourages the puppy to be quiet. Orphan puppies, can easily catch colds, as they don't have their mother or siblings to keep warm. Place a hot water bag in his bed, besides a stove platform. You can increase heat with an infrared lamp hanging over the bed if necessary. Take care of his temperature, using a thermometer, and if possible use a thermostat so the puppy does not feels too much heat.Start with a temperature next to 29,5 C, and gradually decrease it, in the following weeks, till 21 C. If temperature is too low, the puppy will start moaning. If it is too hot, he will also be anguished. Try a fresh zone, so the puppy can feel comfortable in his bed. Under normal circumstances, they having them sleep together in groups to maintain their body heat, and at the beginning they make some noise, apart from one satisfaction growl occasionally. Crying will mean hunger or cold. Cleaning is a very important factor if you are going to raise orphan puppies, specially when they are not receiving any colostrum from the mother. Clean carefully everything used in their meals, with sterilizing liquids or pills that dissolve in water, completing that with a detergent. Though raising puppies is a demanding process, sometimes is fruitful and worthily.

Dog's Sex Life

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