The first year of a dog

First Year of a Puppy LifeBetween two & four weeks: Dogs are born blind and deaf. Just like what happens to human babies, they depend completely from their mothers to be fed and kept warm. When they turn two weeks of age they start to open their eyes and start to hear. By three weeks they are able to walk but their a little clumsy at first. At this age they are already impatient to explore their surroundings, but they can't get too far from their mother because she keeps them warm and if they get too far from her they get cold. Since the day they are born they have already developed a real good sense of smell. They have more than 200 million of odor cells in their snout. Puppies learn to recognize their mother's smell to be able to get back to her side, even if they have to drag themselves back, if they are moved from her side for any reason.

Between four & eight weeks: Four months after they are born, puppies can already walk, run and play with their brothers and toys, at this age they are very curious and are anxious to explore their environment. Besides, at this age their teeth start growing; they are very small but as sharp as needles, and as babies when they start to crawlFirst Year of a Dog Life they like to stick every thing in their mouth to see what it tastes like and the reaction of it when they bite it.

The children are between three and four at this stage of development and are able to talk, the puppies are also learning their language, but it's not a language of word but of gestures. For example, getting on top of one of the other puppies and waging their tail or they lift up one of their front paws. With these movements they indicate that they want to play and their brothers and sisters understand perfectly. There's an exact movement that you can recognize it really easy: it's a kind of reverence. When they put their front paws and head on the floor while leaving their rear raised. This position is a clear invitation to play. With four and five month the puppies are able to digest solid meals. This gives them much more independence, because they don't depend on nursing to survive. The first thing they have to learn is to chew their food, because some times they get tired of chewing it and they start playing with their food. Between eight & twelve weeks

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