How to know when to put your dog to sleep

How to know when to put your dog to sleep? If your dog is suffering with no hope for recovery, the most humane attitude is to end his pain by sacrificing him. How should I put my dog to sleep? A usual method is giving him barbiturate through an intravenous shot. It's quick and effective, and is the same as the process to anesthetize, but with a more powerful drug. In seconds, the dog will be unconscious, and his heart will stop almost immediately.If it's an aggressive dog, you can sedate him before, then you can continue with the process. After making the decision, make an appointment with your veterinarian to leave your dog there after saying good bye. Though you can stay till the end, it's better from all points of view, including the dog that this distasteful job is done without you. Dogs are very sensible and he can detect your state of mood, and will make it more painful. That is why is better to leave the veterinarian to do it , instead of doing it at home.

What will happen next with my dog's body?

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