The importance of playing with your dog

Dogs are naturally very playful animals. Playing is a way they find out who is the strongest dog or weakest. Playing is also beneficial because it helps a dog get the necessary exercise and helps the dog coordinate his movements and teaches him hunting abilities. If you own a hunting dog, the chances of your dog having conduct problems will be minimal if you let him get plenty of play time and exercise his hunting instincts. There are many working dogs that were bred specifically so they could be in constant physical and mental activity. If the owner of one of these dogs does not provide the dog plenty of opportunities to play and develop his innate skills, boredom will cause the dog to become destructive and misbehave. Puppies and adult dogs tend to play together and puppies learn to bite at the adult dog softly. However, when the owner participates in this type game, puppies become excited and they bite harder. Do not allow this type of behavior.

toys for dogs: You should get plenty oftoys for your dog, but make sure to put away a couple for the dog to use when you are with him. This will make the dog feel more interest in you and for the toys. Make sure to buy appropriate toys for your dog that are not toxic; never leave your dog alone with a plastic or rubber toys that can break, because it can hurt his teeth or he can end up swallowing a piece. If your dog were to swallow a foreign object you must take him to the veterinarian right away. There are some breeds that enjoy hunting rodents or small animals or toys that make noise by beating and biting at that toy. Make sure though, if you have babies in the house, to not allow your dog to play this way.

Questions and answers
I've given my dog all kinds of toys and he is not interested in them at all. Why?
Some breeds like to play more than others. It's possible your dog will enjoy the toys more if you participate in the game with him. Try to get your dog to play other games too such as hide and seek so he gets exercise.

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