The Man-Dog Language

Man responds to barking by talking the dog and using hand gestures. To talk to the dog you have to start by eliminating embarrassment because it's likely that it'll think twice before saying the affectionate words dogs like so much. It's about calming it, not making sense, your dog will enjoy it. Affectionate Gestures: Since we lack two of the most important communication possibilities for dogs (moving the tail or ears), we resort to gestures to show the dog our affection. A dog likes to be petted.

I can distinguish six possible affectionate gestures:

  • Petting the chest; especially with males.
  • Petting the base of the tail; provides pleasant feelings.
  • Petting under the jaw, softly and with the tips of your fingers.
  • Rub it's ears and pet behind them.
  • Pat softly and pet the back.
  • Put your open hand on the back or belly and keep it there for a while.

If the dog reacts licking your hand you should let it keep on, just make sure your wash your hands afterwards.

The way dogs express themselves

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