The Messy Dog that makes a Mess. Dog that Steals Stuff & Things

When you are dealing with a messy dog, you have to be able to tell the difference between accident and permanent action. The accident can be due to a great emotion, or simply an inherent element of learning. The general cause of this problem is a badly assimilated learning of the norms of hygiene. There are two types of hygiene: diarrhea any where, even in the house and the well formed droppings in the right spots. The first ones are a sign of separation anxiety and the second are a symptom of domination. The dog lacks respect of the hygiene norms and is a perfect example of the owner's bad attitude. This is not about feeling guilty, but in most of the cases it is due to bad learning. In this circumstance we need to find a solution, instead of rejecting the animal. The origin can also be a change in the surroundings. The dog needs to mark its territory in order to gain back its position. The fact that it cannot find a place in the family that suits makes it feel uneasy. The presence of a female in heat excites the males and provokes the markings of territories. It is a normal reaction that some owners don't know about. We will have the precaution of respecting the dog's domain. When a friend visits or when there is another dog, we must not lock the dog up. When they have left, the dog will urinate. The fact that an unknown dog pees in our house can also make our dog poop inside the house.

What to do? Firstly, we will find which of the causes is the most alike to ours, to see if the dog is dominant or anxious. When the animal does its necessities inside the house, we can feed it right where it has gone. If the dog changes the place where it urinates, we will also change the place where it eats. Dogs can distinguish between the place destined for feeding and for going to the bathroom. As soon as we notice that the dog begins to smell the place we will say NO, and will congratulate it if it obeys. Then we will take it for a walk. If a change in the surroundings has happened that the dogs has difficulty to assimilate, we will have to make sure it regains back its confidence; we can take it out for a walk, be with it without the person or thing responsible or its conduct. Tranquilizing it and giving it a place it deserves will be a great help to deal with this alteration. If the adult dog urinates with the least emotion, we will try to give it the least number of possible indicating signals.

Dog that Steal Stuff & Things

In the first instance, the owner is responsible for this behavior. When we are at the table we must not feed the dog, especially not in secretly. We won't put the leftover food in the dogs bowl. If we do, we will do it when it is not watching. If we scold the animal, even when we catch it, it will still try to steal when we are not there. We have to correct this alteration and not at the moment it happens. The main objective of stealing is the food, but dogs also steal objects which they hide somewhere in the house: shoes, socks, etc. Under this circumstance, the owner's attitude is very important. It is not funny, we have to react immediately. The dog has to play with dog toys exclusively. If it has stolen something and places it in its mouth, we will not chase after it because they will think that we want to play. We will grab the objects that we find without the dog watching and place them somewhere new. If the dog steals something concrete, we will try to make it associate theft with an unpleasant sensation. For example, in the closet where we place our socks, we place a lot of cartons which will fall on the dog as soon as it opens the closet door. If the dog sticks its snout in the garbage, we will place a bitter product on it, like aloe resin. Another solution is to associate theft with a very intense noise, which will also make us aware when it happens.

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