The Owner's Work: Give a good socialization to his puppy

Socialization is the breeder's job. Puppies should be bought completely socialized.Disturbance during socialization periods may be produced by:

  • the puppy may have lived in great raising zones, where he has been not properly handled
  • the puppy may have been sold too late, and in that case, socialization period has been surpassed
  • the puppy may be orphan, and may have been raised by one person, without contacting over animals
  • some puppies could have been isolated in the doghouses due to some disease

Therefore, you better ask and check, when going to buy, if the puppy has been properly socialized (live conditions, contact with other animals, etc). First he has to be introduce to animals of his own specie. He has to contact other puppies and adults. Then, he must meet animals from other species, like for instance, cats. This will help him to identify himself as a dog, which will prevent sexual conduct problems. He will accept dogs as sexual mates. Then comes people: adults, children. He has to be stimulated also; sounds, sights, odors…

How to Know if Your Puppy is Well Socialized

  • Never runs away, but approaches his owner
  • Approaches kids
  • Feels curiosity about everything
  • Doesn't shows an anxious or fearful behavior

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