A whelping box is the place of puppy birth

You will have to decide in which part of the house she is going to deliver. Guest's room is the ideal place; because there she could be calm and quiet, without any disturbances. If there is a carpet, cover it with some plastic and then newspapers over it. You'll need a box where the puppies will be delivered. In case of dwarf breeds, a big cardboard box with cut sides and a comfortable entrance will be enough, if not too narrow. A wooden whelping box with sides of about 15 cm. of height can be built easily, as alternative. For bigger breeds, it is often recommended a security bar around the internal surface. This will prevent a puppy placed on a corner to be crushed or suffocated by his mother accidentally. A bar of this kind should be placed horizontally some 2.5 cms. Under the upper part of the sides, and extended approximately 7 cm out of the box. On one side you can place some hinge, so the puppies can go out and in without trouble. The box should be covered inside with newspapers, with an old towel or a blanket on top. Encourage your female dog to sleep in the box during days and nights.

Which are the imminent signs of delivery?

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