The Psychological Characteristics of a Puppy

Which are the qualities that produce the puppy's character? Modern cinology describes nine basic qualities: reaction (or temper), courage, aggressiveness, combativeness, docility, vigilance, curiosity, sociability and possessiveness. It's not accurate to call them qualities, because by itself they are not good or bad. It is man who handles these characteristics for his own purposes (training of different functions), and therefore, considering as quality what is really part of the psychological structure of the animal. The dog can have these characteristics well developed or not, as he can have long or short hair, the tail more or less long and erected ears. I insist in the candor and ingenuity of the dog, because it's important to note that he is not conscious of being good or bad, courageous or coward. He learns to feel himself a "good or bad dog" , according to human reactions to his behavior.

Before treating this matter deeply, lets analyze, briefly, those nine qualities we just mentioned.

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