Puppy Dogs Need Attention

Do puppy dogs really need attention? It's totally necessary that your family pays attention to the family dog so he befriends the entire family and the human race and learns to live with people. Try paying attention to him when he is behaving himself and ignoring him when he isn't.

Look at your puppy: Even with a look you can transmit your feelings to a dog… You could probably get him to start wagging his tail just by looking at him and smiling. So remember that when your dog is behaving himself one look can be enough to prize him and show him your pleased, and when he does something you don't approve, like jumping on people look the other way and ignore him.attention to puppy

Talk to your dog: Most dogs like to hear the voice of their owners, even if they don't understand what they are saying. Dogs don't understand our language, but they react to the tone of our voice. Try it out, say something in a very soft tone and very quietly, and see how happy he gets. When we scream they probably think we are barking.

When must I pay attention to my dog? Try to choose a moment every day specifically for him to show him affection. Even if it sounds cruel, sometimes it's good that we ignore him so he gets the picture that he is doing something wrong and we don't like it. For example, if your dog starts barking at you demanding your attention while you are trying to concentrate on your homework or talking on the phone, you may feel like telling him to shut up or even scream at him. But as we've said, dog can't understand us, so how do you think he will interpret two reactions? As long as you wink at him, look at him or even touch him: he will think that you are rewarding him for his way to demand attention, and all you will get is that he continues to bark every time he wants attention. But on the other hand if you completely ignore him when he behaves this way, he will easily understand that you disapprove his behavior, and wont continue it. Lets Play!

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