Diet Dog Nutrition - The Balance

What does a balanced nutrition consist in? A Balanced Diet Dog Nutrition is the nourishment that satisfies the energetic and nutritious necessities of the animal with a low quantity of digestible foods. Even though cost is not in the priorities of the composition of the ration, it is important to mention its importance, since between two balanced rations there can be a large difference.

Adaptation and Delivery of a Ration: Adult dogs feed themselves about once a day, if it is possible during the night, after a walk and once it is calm again. Nevertheless, it is recommended to divide the food in two rations, one in the morning and one in the night; for the large dogs and for those who are too anxious in order to prevent them from having a bad stomach. Young dogs should be fed 4 times a day until they are 10 weeks old. Later they should get 3 foods a day until they are 4 months old. After the sixth month two meals a day are fine. In every case it is important to adapt the size of the ration. The owners usually use the instructions on the label of the product; these can be increased or decreased depending on thedog's activity and size. Obviously, if the animal shows a capacity of controlling its appetite it could be allowed to eat directly from the sack of food, although all dogs are generally not able to do this. Also, in the case that the dogs are living in a group this cannot be controlled because some dogs might be eating less than others, since some dogs are dominant and others are not.

Different Types of Dog Nourishment

Industrial or home made foods? Once we know the dog's necessities better and the right foods, we still have to decide what kind of products we will give our dog. Depending on our time and will to make the dog's food we will have to prepare the ration ourselves or use an already made one.

Today there are two possibilities:

  • We can elaborate the food, calculating the necessities of our dog and choosing the best ingredients; this would be the traditional way.
  • We can also trust the factories that make the industrial basic foods.

Industrial feeding is characterized for the mechanization of the process of elaboration, packaging and distribution of the foods. Each owner will choose their own method or another one in function to their lives, time and available equipment, as well as the number of animals that they wish to feed.

Traditional Dog Foods

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