Sense of hearing of Dogs

A Dog' sense of hearing is the second must developed organ: dogs can hear a lot better than humans. They are able to hear frequencies that are well over our listening abilities, for example ultrasounds. A lot of dogs begin to bark, with no apparent motive when they hear them. The owner, confused by this reaction, doesn't know what to do and ends up hushing up them up anyway possible, thinking the dog is misbehaving when its completely the opposite, the dog is trying to defend its territory from a foreign presence.Ultrasounds are also used to give the dogs "silent" – at least for humans – orders. The dog whistles that are used give off sounds of 20,000 to 50,000 Hz. The dog's auditory reach is from 10,000 to 50,000 Hz and aman's is from 16,000 to 20,000 Hz.

Besides, a dog can distinguish noises that for us sound the same: the sound of their owner's car (which they can tell apart from cars of the same brand and model) and their owner's whistle. The distance from which it can hear things is four times further than man. Its hearing is also four times more attune than ours and can register 35,000 vibrations per second. The movement of its ears helps it better register the nature and source. Dogs have 17 muscles to move their ears; men only have nine, and most only know how to use one or two of them. Dogs usually like music. By there reactions you can see what they lie or don't like. Their hearing is selective: meaning they can be sleep beside a blaring TV but will wake up as soon as they hear something not related to the TV sound, as silent as it may seem. Dogs only synchronize what they want to hear.

An old dog can have significantly less hearing than a young one and can even reach ostensible deafness. Some dogs can predict earthquakes days before they happen, even though scientists don't yet have a clue on how they achieve this. Experts believe that it's due to the detection of high frequency sounds coming from the earth or soil vibrations. Even more, it has been detected that dogs are able to know when their owner is returning home at a long distance. It is believed it has something to do with telepathy and the level of connection between the dog and its owner

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