Dog Sense of Smell

The sense of smell of a dog is a very powerful dog communication method. Dogs have a far more developed sense of smell than people, and that is why when a dog meets another one, he usually smells him. He starts by the head, continuing by the inguinal region, between the back legs. The importance of these smelling dog senses, called pheromones, has increased in recent years. These chemical substances are in the urine, and male dogs, specially, frequently urinate when out of home, to leave some traces to other dogs passing through that same place.Male dog communicate and urinate raising one of their back legs, which allow them to do it on a determined place, like a street lamp, where other dogs can be attracted. However, this conduct is not seen in younger male dogs, they bend down like females to urinate. Maybe there is a hormonal cause for this conduct, cause dogs only start to urinate that way after puberty. Nevertheless, the real administration of male hormone testosterone has no other major influence but to increase the need to urinate, once the puppies are separated from their mothers. Feces can also have the characteristic odor of a dog, and in fact, wild dogs use them as territory marks. The anal glands produce a secretion that, in normal circumstances, is transferred to feces. A dog rubbing his bottom on soil may probably be suffering of anal glands swelling, or trying to leave odor traces. Between the legs fingers dogs have sudorific glands that also leave an odor, and the characteristic marks of scratches will probably attract dogs to that place.

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