Teaching your dog to be more social with other dogs

A strict training with belt and much exercise will help to have a happy, sensitive and obedient dog. Should I use a choke collar to train my puppy? A choke collar fordog trainingis very useful if the size is the correct one, and is used properly. Be sure of your dog's size when buying it. If the collar fits well, the free ring will slide under the throat better than over it, once the collar is hooked with the belt. In this position, the collar won't be too tight around the neck, unless he pulls on the leash. If you have any doubts, make a knot in the collar around the neck, so the rings meet next to the left ear.The upper ring sliding over the head is the one that has to be hooked with the end of the leash. The main reason for a choke collar is to prevent the dog going in front of his owner. When he tries it, the collar presses his neck causing pain; therefore, the dog learns to watch his steps, avoiding the disgusting experience of thecollar. If you decide to use a choke collar for training, start by encouraging him to follow you closely. Walk with your dog on your left, and as close as possible (especially if you are using those nylon leashes). A young dog not used to walking on a leash, will probably start walking in front of you. Don't stop and keep walking. Pull the leash once to press the collar and order him "here". Your dog will soon learn what is expected of him. Once on the street, your dog may start staying behind because of some odors that attract him. Repeat the process giving him the same order. It's very important to have a dog with a proper behavior in the city. While you are waiting to cross a street with traffic, order him to sit down. Otherwise, an untrained dog can be crashed by a car if he is unexpectedly standing on the road. This training should start in your garden or at the park. For more realism, try to find a place where there's a way that could represent the road and grass representing sidewalks at both sides. When getting closer to the edge of the grass order him to sit down immediately before stopping, pulling theleashsoftly at the same time. This will press the strangling collar, and will be associated to a "stop" order. At the beginning the dog will probably, not too willing to sit down. Then, press him softly on his back legs, the same way you did when teaching him to sit down for meals. As usual, don't forget to reward him when acting properly. If you think it is better not to use this collar, there's another option recently available. Designed by a British expert in animal conducts, doctor Roger Mugford, the Halti follows the principle that if you control the dog's head, controlling his body will be simple. The Halti can be used with big and small dogs, as it is manufactured in six different sizes, and due to its external shape reminds you of a horse's bridle, with a strip through the snout bridge that is hooked to the leash. It is said there are no injury risks with this product. At what age should I start training my dog?

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