The Well Educated Dog Walker

In truth, the one thing that should be required by a dog owner is that, the dog itself, will obey and respect him. This is the only way that the ever more frequent dog prevention will be eliminated. Every single dog, from a Teckel to an Irish Husky, must attend to a canine club.

A conscious dog owner gives the dog the time it needs to go out for a walk. This means that he does not just go over the procedure, but he gives the dog freedom to smell and explore wherever it wants. He should let it get in contact with other dogs, when meeting strangers the leash is an obstacle, and accentuates the dogs self-consciousness, being directly united the herd.

Maintaining authority. Nonetheless the owner cant misunderstand the dog and have it take him from one tree to the next, because with dogs the phrase "a wise man doesn't yield" does not apply. Besides all the freedom that you give your dog, and you're convinced that it's a "walk dog", you should never lose your authority. And for this you use the leash, it's meant to be an extension of your arm. A quick jerk on the leash, without it saying a single word, shouldn't be light at all but it should have an energetic force; only like this will the dog realize and heel to the command, immediately after this you can loosen the leash.

If your dog gets full of mud or dirt, you might have to end the walk, depending on how bad the smell is. Then you will have to take it home and give it a bath. You mustn't punish it, with the exception of giving it a disapproving remark, since the cleanest poodle can pick up a trail of a foul smell from a dead animal, rotten lemon or human excrements, it'll try to et the smell on itself.

Rules for Cold Days

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