Therapeutic Effects dogs pups

Many studies show that pets (especially dogs and cats) are beneficial for the health. The simple fact of having and taking care of an animal improves sociability, self-esteem and makes interpersonal relationships easier. Petting a dog or a cat improves blood circulation and helps us get rid of the stress and worries from everyday life. Animal therapy is greatly helpful when treating stress, depression, autism, anxious behavior, etc. hypnotherapy, for example, has proved to be excellent in the case of children with problems of mobility, or autistic children who little by little learn to socialize with animals. There are other possibilities for hypnotherapy, which have been explored in Sac Xiroi, where they keep all kinds of farm animals. Dealing with pets has proved to be beneficial for problematic children of age 12-18.

For good results, it is convenient to know how to pick the animal: an autistic child won't do good with a small animal, for they might unwillingly hurt it. For children, an animal is aliving creature that doesn't pressure, that won't ask or demand anything, and that won't make them do something they don't want. Another experience with animals, which is very complicated, because of the necessary infrastructure, is dolphinotherapy.

Companion Animal Assisted Therapy (CAAT): In 1974, a study by the British scientists Mugford and Comisky showed the effects of animal company, analyzing the life of several elderly people, with and without pets. They divided the people into two groups.

The first group received a plant, and the second one a bird. After a while the scientists observed that the people who had birds started talking more and more about them, and less about their illnesses, and began receiving more visits.

A pet for special people: In some cases the problems caused by having a person who suffers from autism, emotional fragility, Down syndrome, etc, or any disease such as cancer or Alzheimer's, can be solved with the company of a dog. Animals don't discriminate people because of their functionality, and love everyone in their family the same. They play an important part in the development of these people. It is fundamental to have the dog perfectly educated, and it is convenient to ask a professional to give us a piece of advice on what breed is convenient. We have to be generous with animals, especially the ones that are as noble as a dog, always caring and willing to put people in a good mood.

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