Tips for Training and Educating Dogs *

"Man's best friend", "The ideal pet", "The perfect companion for going on walks with", "A child's favorite toy". Who hasn't heard these and other similar phrases?

We're obviously talking about dogs. Dogs can be great new members of your household, but before deciding to do so you must consider all the consequences of bringing the dog to your house and welcoming him to your family. The mere thought of having a dog means that you have to ask yourself a series of questions.

The first step is to patiently analyze the advantages and obligations that are all part of buying a dog. You have to think about the breed you are interested in, the gender, the education that you want to and must give, the co-existence with the other members of the family (which might also include other pets), the commitments that you must make regarding the dogs schedules, etc. All these things must be taken into consideration.

If you live in an apartment, you must take into consideration a series of issues like the size of your new friend, if he's got long or short hair, and, most importantly, if he is going to be around children. Likewise, you mustn't forget the character of the dog; If you pick a very active animal, who will want long walks, races, etc., it will be very difficult for you to keep him happy within the city.

Likewise, if what you need is a watchdog to live in an estate or country house, you will have to pay special attention to the dog's qualities, possibilities of being trained, and character docility, etc.

In the following pages you will find practical tips and information on how to take care of and train different breeds of dogs. We hope that these pages can help you make a good decision.

When you analyze each of the breeds, you'll notice that there are some animals that initially seem ideal for every home and situation, but don't let yourself be fooled. The qualities or genetic impulses of every breed are more or less defined by professionals and breeders. However, as with people, character is formed with the upbringing, education and coexistence that you give the puppy.

Therefore, dogs that are traditionally considered watchdogs might surprisingly be harmless with children, or animals that due to their small size seem completely harmless might become problematic as you go living with them.

You must really think it over carefully when you want to add this new member to your family who, for better or worse, will share lots of years with you. That precious puppy is going to grow, and play with everything that is at his reach, might bite you, and will surely become an adult with his own ideas and habits.

Only when you decide to live with the dog and after some time has passed, will you know his real character. This character might sometimes be different than what is normally expected of that particular breed. Actually, dogs tend to form a seminary character to that of their owners. Therefore, try to be a good example.

Our main desire is for you to find these following pages very useful. We want you to feel identified with your ideal friend and decide to include the dog you decide on into your life. There is no greater satisfaction than seeing your puppy grow, and later become a healthy and friendly adult dog. If you already have a dog, then I suppose you can agree with me and if what you want is to soon get one, then soon you will understand.

To start out, you can take this quiz to see if you are ready to have a dog, and to see what kind of dog owner you are. Plus, it can help you to choose the most appropriate dog for your needs, as well as the needs of your future dog.

After that, we'll walk you through the steps of training your dog, basing this training on a method that awards the dog with food and which is very useful and easy for people who don't have much experience training dogs.

Lastly, there is a section with a detailed description of the most common dog breeds. This description includes their particular qualities, habits, likes and dislikes. Besides, there are a lot of other tips that will help you get to know your new friend really well.

Tips for Training and Educating Dogs

Acquiring a Puppy

When is it the Best Time to Start Training?

Choosing the Right Puppy

Dog Training Mistakes

What Should I Buy:
a Male or Female Dog?

Teaching your Dog with Hand Signs

Professional Breeders

Puppy Training

Taking Care of Your Dog

How to Use the Dog Cage

Dog Equipment

Training the Dog at Home

Healthy Dog Diet

Giving Rewards on the Spot

Recommended Diet for Dog

Calling your Dog

Educating Your Dog

Walking your Dog without a Leash

General Dog Tips

Dog Problems and Solutions

Taking Care of a Dogs Health

Suitable Dog Toys

Taking Care of your
Dog's Teeth and Gums

Advanced Dog Training

Taking Care of your Dog's Ears

Head Collars

Taking Care of your Dog's Eyes

Training a Dog to "Sit" and "Stay"

Taking Care of your Dog's Nails

Training your Dog to "Come" & "Sit"

Bathing your Dog

Teaching your Dog to "Lie Down"

Treating Parasites in your Dog

Training your Dog to
"Lie Down" and be "Quiet"

Removing and Treating Dog Fleas

Keeping the Order

Common Dog Diseases

Dog Barking


Useful Dog Training Variations

Your Dog's Diet and food

Teaching your Dog to
Walk Alongside You

Puppies Breast-Feeding

Training your Dog to
Hold Objects in his Mouth

Keeping and Maintaining the Food

Teaching your Dog to Bring Objects

Feeding an Older Dog

Dogs and Children

What to do with your Dog when going on Vacations

How to Play with a Dog

Taking the Dog with You on Vacations

Teaching your Dog to
Play with Other Dogs

At the Vacations Spot

Answering to Orders

Getting To Know Your Best Friend

Getting Rid of your Dog's Bad Habits

How to Understand Dogs Barking

Basic Dog Correction Techniques

Evaluating a Dog's Relationship with your Children

Get to Know your Dog's Temper

When the Dog Is a Stranger

Dealing with Dogs Pulling the Leash

Male Castration

If Your Dog won't Come

The Bed in an Open Space

Other Precautions with Your Dog

Fear of Other Dogs

Animal Hunting

Rivalry amongst Dogs

Dogs and Cats

Sexual Problems with Dogs

Aggressiveness towards Other Dogs

Bored Dog

Car Problems

Ways of Solving Dog Boredom

How to Calm a Nervous Dog

Anxiety Due to Separation

Canine Bullet

Compulsive Dog Behavior

Excited Dogs

Repulsive Eating Habits

Professional Assistance

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