To extirpate spurs is like cutting the dog tail?

No, spurs are rests of some fingers that are equivalent to our thumb, and that may cause injuries and pain to a dog. Opposite to the tail, that for example can be used to get rid of flies, spurs have no clear function. It's the back part of nails, which is particularly dangerous for the dog, but in some breeds, including the Briard and the Pyrenees Shepherd, official standards require double spurs in both back legs.There's another danger associated with spurs, and refers to the nail. As this nail can't reach the ground, dogs usually don't use it, growing very fast, and reaching great lengths, then winding up, or penetrating in the flesh. Keep a close eye on the back nails. To cut them from the puppies at an early age solves many problems. You can also do it with major dogs, through a surgery, but it is harder, and some injuries may be not avoided.

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