How to Train or Teach a new Puppy to Sit

To teach your dog to sit you'll need a candy, you can be sure that with food you will get his attention. When the dog carries out your command, you will reward him by giving him the treat.

  • Without moving, show the dog the candy in your hand. Put very close to his mouth, but hold on to it well so he doesn't steal it from you.
  • Now move your hand up and forward, so your dog will have to move his chin to follow your hand. By looking up, his rear will go down and sit down by himself.
  • And he sat down! As soon as the dog sits down make the noise and then give him his prize.
  • Repeat this several times. If your puppy lifts up his front legs, it means that you raised your hand to much and must bring it lower.How to Train or Teach a new Puppy to Sit
  • After, give the command "sit!" right before you raise your hand. As soon as he sits make the noise and give him his treat. The dog will quickly catch on to the connection of sitting down with the command "sit!"
  • Next step will be to get your puppy to sit down with out showing him any candy or using your hand at all. If he obeys make the noise and give him the candy bar.
  • Keep practicing until your dog sits in a hurry and every time you command him to. Before giving him anything he likes (serving him food, taking him for a walk or letting him go out in the yard) make him sit first. This way your dog will learn that obeying the command "sit!", is just like saying "please" or "thank you".

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