Top Dog Big & Small Dogs

Big dog, small dog: If two dogs are living in the same house, a hierarchy will develop between them. Being in a more elevated position gives the "top" dog the advantage and this is frequently used during disputes so that the leader can gain control over the situation again. Often times, the physically smaller animal takes control believe it or not. For some reason smaller dogs tend to have stronger personalities and they tend to show better ability to make decisions to be the leader of the bigger and more relaxed dog.

Who will the top dog be? Puppies will spend the first six months of their lives evaluating the strong and weak points of the other members within their pack. You might have observed how puppies play together and how theyget actually fight with their brothers and sisters in order to determine what everyone's place is within the pack. When a puppy or dog is taken into live with a human family, a similar process will happen to determine everyone's status.

Who's the stronger dog? Take some time to observe how puppies behave together. Most likely the strongest willed puppy will be the one that gains most "success", even when he is around other puppies that are stronger than he is. The status of leadership will not be determined until they actually reach puberty, but it will still be pretty evident which one is stronger mentally, and more tenacious than the rest.

Puppy play: Puppies are creatures that absolutely love playing and roughhousing. Even though they are having fun while doing this, the truth is that these types of games helps establish which one of them has the most ability and capacity, which in turn will then determine which one is the most capable of leading the rest. When you put puppies together that have never met before, you will be able to observe how they often play together, but this activity will go decreasing gradually as they get to know each other better.

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