Sense of Touch in Puppies

During his first weeks of life, the puppies have the sense of touch and sense of smell. At this stage they are not capable of staying warm all by themselves, they need to cuddle up with their mother and little brothers to stay warm and not be cold. When they are taken as pets to other families they need to get used to a different kind of physical touch. They really like to be caressed, but not much let you hug them. Normally they really like it when you caress their chest and belly, some dogs like it so much that they will come to you and throw themselves belly side up just for you to caress them there.

Dogs feel heat, cold, pleasure and pain from their skin. Their nose is very sensitive to the touch; you must never slap their nose. It's said that the dogs long and stiff mustache helps them to find objSense of Touch in Puppiesects and that they are very sensitive. Their hair and nails are very similar to ours and you can cut them without it having a bad affect on them. Their paws, mouth and tail are their most sensitive place of their bodies, and normally they don't let you touch it.

Dogs that live in the same house really like to have frequent physical contact, it helps them to feel safe and secure, they even like to sleep really close and even share the same bed. They probably like it because it keeps them warm and reminds them of when they were with their mother and brothers. Puppy's movement

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