Toy Dog Breeds

toy dogs: Within this cute breed group of dogs are the smallest varieties. The toy dogs are charming and beautiful and fulfill important functions in the lives of people. Although lap dogs are very small in size, some of them have proven to have the necessary conditions to hunt and get rid of small pest animals. Others, turn into little guardians because they insistently bark and alert their owner so much that they make the intruder take a hike. Some times they even bite at the intruder's feet or ankles. Some of these breeds are tiny versions created by man, and they most of them are endowed withintelligence, arrogance, and beauty. The most important thing about these small fellows is their capability to fill the affective needs of lonely people, senior citizens, helping people that are depressed with their manifestations of care and happiness. They have spontaneous instincts and they help by giving all their friendship and affection, giving new meaning to the lives of their owners. There is a legend that says that when a noble Aztec was dying a little Chihuahua dog was sacrificed or cremated next to the noble man so that the sins of man transmigrated to the dog, avoiding this way his soul from getting the divine punishment. When the Chinese adopted Buddhism as a religion, the Buddhist symbol (the lion of Buddha) went on to be the symbol of a sacred nation. Since there were not lions in China, they started to use Pekinese dog because of their similarity to lions. They then began to play a very important role in the Buddhist Chinese art, and were considered to be a sacred symbol.

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