Train Dog to be Faster - Speed Dogs

Ball Games: Playing at fetching firm rubber balls shows the obedience of the dog. That's important not only so the participants enjoy the game in a orderly fashion, and without having to go after the ball or dog all the time, and to avoid any possible dangers. For example: when chasing after the ball, the dog runs into a prey, a pedestrian or another dog. Your dog has to return when given the command <come!> or <here!>. For these cases we recommend that you do some practices of obedience with whistles, such noises are too high for the human ear to hear, but perfectly audible for a dog at a long distance.

Long Shots: get any dog enthusiastic, since he can run as far the ball goes (this exercises the dog's reaction, the ability of leaping forth in a sprint and his resistance), and since the balls tends to go out of sight he will have to use his smelling sense of tracking.

In the <Football> Game: they try to take the ball away from each other both owner and dog. Be careful with domination problem: never tolerate the dog biting your shoes or pants, or try to defend the object with an aggressive growl. If so pause or completely stop the game (always with the final order). Also large inflatable balls can be played with as to go fetch them: <find it!> or <fetch!> for the dog to go after them and bring them back by kicking it or pushing it with his muzzle (first practice in your hallway).

Note: Never lose sight of a hunting dog while outdoors.

Swimming: Let the dog splash around the bank rivers as log as their not steep (or in a pond in your garden). Throw a ball into the water each time deeper in, so the dog will go in farther each time. Or play at and fetching objects near the shore and by <accident> one falls in the water (first check the current!). With dogs that don't have a good custom of fetching the pieces you throw, you don't have another option but getting in the water yourself and showing him what to do. Some dogs act in a very peculiar way when they stop touching the floor bottom in the water: they start <rowing> with a similar impetus as in a canoe, and they tend to figure out on their own that there is no reason for panicking. Try not to allow the dog to get too close to you while playing in the water: the contact of his nails can scratch.

Note: Never throw the dog in the water or throw him in by force.Frisbee

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