Train Dog to Pickup Objects

To play with during a walk you will need small toys: chewing loop, firm rubber ball, wooded pallet, noisy toys and others. Each of those toys will determine on their own the way to play: the ball, to throw and pick up; the loop or rope, to pull at it.

  • they are advisable for dogs that cant be let loose,
  • hey take little space and can be played almost anywhere ( for example, when the dog is tied up in the pauses on road trips),
  • contributes to the relationship between the owner-dog and makes him listen to more of what he says,
  • they may be used as a way of distracting him (for example, before the proximity of hunting a prey o other dogs) and to calm him down when he is nervous or exited.

Carrying Objects
It's actually not a game but it pleases all dogs on their way form the house to the woods: proud, as careful as possible and with most dedication are most pleased to carry on this task. Appropriate things for dogs to carry: wooden pallet, a short staff, toy or ball.

Attention: Careful with the long and thick branches! A dog has no notion of the thickness he carries in his mouth.

Other precise things you should know

  • Never play on grounds that can hurt your dog' paws: gravel, heated asphalt by the sun, frozen streets or side walks.
  • In unfamiliar areas its advisable to take the dog on a leash at least until you et to the area better.
  • In case your dog is under care of strangers in you're absence, do not allow any physical action games and put away any toys corresponding to those games.
  • Take a pause in the game after each meal (2 hours at the least for big dogs).

Game and Sports at all Speeds
Calm and quiet games are just good as ones that nee concentration. But you got to give the dog an opportunity to burn energy and get it out if his system every once in a while.

  • The dog was born to run and move around. Tasks that oppose them from doing that serve as test and you are able to see how long he can hold back from running around since they are hereditary loads.
  • The excitement the dog applies into his games are important factors in measuring the dogs health. Through movement games the owner can discover of the dog has any an infection or injuries.
  • Games with a lot of action and distance applied increase the dogs obedience to the master.
  • Shy nervous dogs are easier to treat with after you've done several games together.
  • Overcoming and the success of tasks (for example, swimming or in the Frisbee game) increases the dogs disposition (and the owners) into cooperating and strengthens their relationship in a very important way.
  • Games involving action improves the dogs coordination, especially with puppies.
  • Dynamic exercises accelerate the physical and psychic healing if planned out with logic to obtain concrete ends, if done essentially, together with a correct diet. Fat dogs will return back to their normal weight.

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