Training a Dominating Dog

The base treatment for training a dominating dog that has taken control over his owner consists on disciplining the conduct of the dog so that it is clear to him that he needs to respect the instinct of submission genetically from the moment he is born. The idea is not to take the dogs personality from him, but to make him understand that his right to live with humans requires of him to do it as a friend and companion, not a rival. This type of attitude in a dog will need to be done slowly without rushing the dog. Modifying his daily conduct, studying the circumstances and stimulus that unleash a dog'spotency that must be reconditioned in order to condition the dog to follow a non-dominative behavior. This type of training requires for the dog to learn to restrain himself from circumstances that are not exciting. At first the dog will need to learn basic commands of submission such as "Sit", "Down" etc, during a few days for periods that will go prolonging little by little without it turning into a boring thing for the dog and never exceeding the time of training. The dog will need to learn to adopt these positions every time he wants something, such as his food, to go out on a walk, to play etc, instead of demanding feeling the need to dominate to get his way in front of his owner.
Gradually the owner will need to use signs of dominance, stopping within the limited time, which will go reducing depending on the dogs response to them. The modification of an aggressive behavior can take some time and work, but it is possible to change it successfully without the dog having to lose his own character.

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