Training a Puppy to Come

Teaching a puppy to come; All puppies should learn from an early age to respond to their master's command to "Come" whether it is a verbal command or a whistle. By the time you start training a puppy to come it should already be familiar with its name and respond upon hearing it. If not then this is the first task, to familiarize your puppy with its name.Once your puppy knows and responds to its name being called put it on a leash about six feet long. Stand in front of your puppy with a treat in your open hand and tell it to "Come".
If the puppy does not respond then you can give a slight tug on the leash and repeat the command "Come".
When the puppy comes to you give it the treat and praise it.
Once it learns what "Come" means you can also give the command come and then whistle so that your puppy learns to respond equally to both types of commands.
Once the puppy responds consistently to your command then try using a longer leash (or rope) and going through the steps again.
Be sure to keep your training sessions short and fun or else you risk your puppy becoming bored and distracted. A puppy that is interested will learn much faster than a puppy that is distracted.

Teaching a puppy up
To teach your puppy the command "Up" start with it in the sitting position and give the command "Up" while gently tugging upwards and forwards on the leash. You can even take a step forward while giving this command to help your puppy understand what you want.
Be sure to reward it when it stands up.
Repeat this as many times as necessary till your puppy is able to consistently stand up on command.

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