Training a Show Dog: an Exhibition Dog

The future show dog, like the west highland white terrier and the bulldog for instance, must get special training at an early age to stand (on the floor or a table, according to the size) for cleansing. To start with the puppy is important to prevent future troubles.A great different from past years, is that to win now is not enough that the dog has good physical qualities. Presentation is a fundamental aspect, very professional nowadays, which means that to present a dog in these competitions you have to train him since a puppy, with daily lessons, and to learn presentation techniques. A possibility is to assist to a canine club where there is a handling school. In contrast to what is believed, the puppy can take a bath before his vaccination cycle is fulfilled. It not only doesn't hurt him, but helps to teach him to get use to cleansing. It's very important to dry him well before going out, using first a towel and then a hair-dryer. If the noise scares him, talk to him calmly, till he gets used to it. Breeds with long ears, like the cavalier, should get use to wear a hairnet. You should put it on since they are puppies, when feeding them, so while distracted with the food they won't care about it.

What are Exhibitions? They are divided in:

  • champions: for older than fifteen months, that have already won some title at a country member of the FCI, and which owners want to opt for the CACIB;
  • open class: for older than fifteen months. Champions of another countries can participate.
  • working class: for useful dogs, older than fifteen months, that have already approved the working test homologated by the FCI
  • youth class: for dogs of more than nine months of birth and less than eighteen
  • puppies class: for dogs older than five months and less than nine
  • couples class: for males and females of the same breed and variety, and from the same owner.

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