Training a Young Dog

By young dog we mean one that is no longer a puppy, but has not completely developed physically and psychologically, therefore cannot be considered an adult yet. Compared with human beings, young dogs can be the equivalent of teenagers. Teenagers are between thirteen and nineteen years old, in dogs the same period is between four and thirteen or fourteen months. Popular saying that seven years of human life are the same as one year in dog's life, is not correct. It can be valid starting at three years of age, but not during the youth period, as for example a one year dog is sexually active and his psychological development is very much alike that of an adult, therefore has much mores similarities with an 18 years old boy that with a 7 years old kid. The dog between four and twelve months, has a quick period of physical and psychological growing hardly match by that of humans, slower and gradual. In any case the word teenager gives an idea of the situation. The fact that his infancy and adolescence last only one year, suggest it is a very delicate period in his life. In this period, dogs start "to use brains" which means, more or less, to reason and have experiences. Therefore, this is the ideal moment for elemental training. All dogs should be trained, no matter breeds or sizes, according to the work they are suppose to do. If the owner of a company dog has some time to dedicate to this work, he will be later benefited having a well educated dog, he can take any place without trouble.

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