Training Aggressive Dog

Teaching and training a dog to be aggressive: There are certain breeds that are genetically selected to increase their aggressive potentiality to work as vigilantes, guard dogs and to protect. These dogs stand out because of their strong characters and for how trustworthy they are. The trainers of these dogs use special techniques to create aggressive behavior in animals that lack character. However, these dogs are not completely trustworthy because when they are threatened they sometimes go into conflict which causes them to experiment two opposite emotions. These include a mix of aggressive and shy signals; a dual behavior with indefinite responses. If a dog is shy and retreats at the advances of a person that threatens him and only shows aggressiveness at a certain distance, he is showing his that he has an insecure personality. The owner of this dog will then feel let down and will try to stimulate the dog to attack by reinforcing him by talking to him while petting him. This type of attitude represents a positive and immediatereinforcement of threat, but animals that are reinforced this way will only act under constant stimulus and without any distractions, which sometimes causes undesirable responses of the animal attacking indiscriminately. Keep in mind that congenital tendency towards a determined behavior is an instinct and capability to learn new ways of behavior cannot be assimilated completely because it is not in the dog's natural condition. All dogs, whether they have strong characters or not, have a strong territorial sense and they will defend their owner's home with whatever means they can. Some of them bark while others attack. However, a big part of how they defend their territory has to do with the active stimulus and by how the owner rewards their behavior, giving them incentive to bark at the smallest noise or jump on top of people when they set foot on their territory, which then causes the animal to lose his natural distinction.

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