Training Aggressive Male Dogs

Training two aggressive male dogs: When two male dogs that live together become aggressive with each other, it can be quite a complex problem to resolve because of the numerous variables that can influence. A dog usually does not react in this manner with a human person because it generally sees man as the leader of the group, not as a rival, despite this; dogs still take possession over territories. When another male dog comes into the picture, he adopts a dominating and aggressive attitude toward the other in order to maintain his hierarchy position. In front of their owner though, they both submit. By training both dogs it is actually possible to teach them to live somewhat peacefully. It is important to habituate them to live together without fighting, and this is obtained by not showing favoritism over one or the other. Two male dogs living together need to be both taken out at the same time so they can run, jump, and play and so they can get rid of their nervousness and energy. After this has happened you can begin training them together. Each dog must be taught to stay in his place while the other is getting trained individually, persuading them to stay quiet and still without interrupting the other's training. You will need to dominate the moretemperamental and uneasy dog calmly to get him to quiet down. Remember that the slightest demonstration of preference over one of the dogs will diminish the good disposition of the other that will be motivated due to jealousy. With good discipline and training in which both dogs share exercise together and separately, you can achieve for both male dogs to live together without problems and aggressions. Remember that when the owner is not around though, the dogs will probably revert to being aggressive again. The mechanism of this reaction is easy to explain since the owner is not there to dominate the situation.

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