Attack Dog Training - Dog attacks another Dog

Training an attacker: In cases of dogs that attack a strange dog on the street, it is very important the dog get disciplined by teaching him to adopt positions that are of submission such as "Sit", "Heel", "Down" etc. While out on attack dog training you will need to train the dog to "Sit" for a few moments so that he gets used to obeying commands and stays still. When the dog obeys, make sure you congratulate and praise him. You can then find someone that has a male dog that is not aggressive, none attacking and plan a meeting between the two dogs. Next, take your dog out on a walk on the leash. When the other person shows up with his dog, order your dog to "Sit", "Stay", while scratching his head and at the same time lovingly praise himso he sits still. If the dog makes any small attempt to attack, command him again to "Sit" and hold him back with the leash next to your left leg. Make sure to continually praise the dog and encourage him by saying "Good boy", "Good" to help him sit still. The other person will then need to walk around at a certain distance (so as to not provoke the other dog) and then leave quietly. Make sure to then congratulate your dog and then continue on with your walk. Repeat this training for several days in a role. Little by little the other person helping you should get closer with his or her dog until you are finally able to get the dogs to be together peacefully. Make sure though to keep in mind that when the dogs are together to be very careful, always measuring the distance and time a possible aggression could occur. It is possible that your aggressive dog will tolerate the proximity of another dog at a few meters of distance, however if the other stays in that position for too long while staring at the him, it is possible he will not be able to contain himself and attack.

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