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Dogs are very willing to learn new things, and this is a high quality, one that you can take advantage of to keep working with them. The Canine Organizations, offer a lot of information about these same possibilities. You can inscribe yourself in these training organizations or go to special expositions on the matter, to be able to collect information about your dogs' breed. The dog will always be willing, it all depends on its owner. Later on, I will go on to bringing out a couple of things of what to do with your dog.

Agility, this training exercise is fun for most dogs and feels a greater acceptance. It can be applied to all dogs, except the large or heavy ones. In this game, the dog follows a certain route, and the point is to get to its destination, by passing through many obstacles such as, crawling through a tunnel, jumping over fences or climbing over a wall. It must get to its destination in the least time possible. The trainer will first accompany the dog, but it's not allowed to remove the obstacles.

The country-side sport, this sport is for dogs as well as their owners. It contains four ways of discipline: slalom, dale jumping, following a route and obedience exercises. The owner will also participate in the dale jumping, as well as competing with others.

The fly ball is an exercise originated in the United States. After having overcome various obstacles, the dog activates the mechanism of a box that lets out a ball. It will then pick up the ball and take it back to its owner, but by overcoming the obstacles in its way. This exercise is good for the dog to practice its speed.

Obedience; this exercise is suitable for all dogs. It gives them a chance to practice, in a group, their obedience exercises such as, sit, put their leash on, and "come" when they are called upon.

Basic training are according to the different qualities and characteristics of the different breeds. Some of these tests are used as a base for artificial selection, for example, the training of a protective dog ( submissive, the act of protecting, and searching for smells by using its senses), used for dogs such as the German Shepherd's or Boxers. The testing of retrieving is for retrieving dogs, the testing of surveillance is for certain breeds of watch dogs, and the dog races with sleds and greyhounds.

Training for rescuing operations is used for rescuing services. Dogs for this operation, are chosen out very carefully, according to their nature of resistance and of stable character. If the dog is trained well, its intervention will be obligatory in the country. Dogs are trained to find missing people in the rubble of destroyed houses, caused by earth quakes, people that are lost in avalanches or in a certain area. According to the circumstances, the trainer has to be prepared and learn a lot of things, for example: first aids and the usage of the compass.

Sports for team dogs, the animal will be fastened to a car and will overcome an uncontrollable situation. This training is for larger dogs, that are not able to participate in other kind of sports. In the game, the trunk must overcome a difficult route. Trekking is also a sport that is much used with these dogs. Canine expositions

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