Training energetic dogs -How to-

"My dog lacks self control." Is probably the most common complaint that we hear from people who have very active dogs. Well the fact is that as much as we may wish for our dogs to just one day snap out of this problem or grow out of it after a set period of time, we must properly train our dogs if we want them to overcome this negative behavior. And you are the one responsible to train your pet by putting time and attention into teaching him manners and obedience. If you don't make an effort to do this you will always have problems with your dog. In this case what brings great results is consistent quality training, because the dog is required to have at least some control over himself and his wishes. He must concentrate while learning cues and spot feedback on what he is doing right. Energetic dogs need trainers who are dedicated and give lots of understandable feedback. The skilled trainer will break down exercises into small steps. High-energy dogs get easily overexcited and so it is best for them to have clear-cut goals that they learn in short focused sessions. You and your dog will only end up frustrated if you expect too much too quickly from him. Dog training should always be enjoyable and if your active dog doesn't feel under too much pressure for extended periods of time he will enjoy doing his best to learn new things.

Motivating less active dogs

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