Training a Puppy Dog Good bathroom habits

Cleanliness and bathroom habits are the first things we should teach a dog. When training a dog it is very important that it does not do it's necessities in the house. Being a clean dog, does not only mean it will release itself in the yard or in it's walk out to the park, but also see the urgency it has between certain hours. It will take more or less 6 weeks for a dog to get used to this cleanliness habit, strict ones. Since a full stomach gives the dog a strong pressure in the bladder, you need to take it out right after it's meal. You should take it to a place with grass or sand, somewhere where other dogs have already been. Insisting on the "usual place", soon it will realize what is expected of it. You should also give it time enough for it to urinate and defecate. Then when it's owner says the words "poop" or "pee", it'll know what he/she means. Either way, you shouldn't get impatient with it when it finishes doing what it hasn't finished outside. And even if you have a yard, get it used to doing it necessities while tied up, that way it'll get used to it and will be able to be better controlled in the future. Praise it when it is finished, not during or before.

When you notice that the dog is anxious or restless, take it out right away so that it can do it's necessities.

The dog will relate it to something positive when given a treat after putting it's leash on.

During the night, the dogs' bed should be close to its owners so that it'll be able to hear when he/she wakes up. This means you must get up again and hurry up. If it does its necessities in the house while its owner is in it and wasn't fast enough, or didn't get the dog's messages (smelling the ground, walking in circles or a searching attitude), you shouldn't punish it for this. A strong yell or some small hits with you hand is enough. Then you immediately take the dog out. The "accident" is removed without commentary and the place cleaned with a disinfectant or vinegar water, whose smell takes away the puppy's feeling to do the same thing in the same place. Consistent punishment and showing the dog what it has done is past in history.

Teaching your dog to be alone


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