Training Processes for Dogs

In order for a dog to pass in these special training programs they must be well trained, obedient and disciplined; if they do not show these attributes there is no use in continuing with the training. Another very important thing is the person that is training the dog. One wrong move from the trainer could notoriously alter the behavior of the dog, causing the dog's concentration to reduce while they are working or by causing the dog to become too excited during training, obviously these things cause the dog to become uninvolved and achieving this depends a lot on the nervous equilibrium of the trainer to achieve good lasting team work and results. The first training phase consists on teaching the dog to walk over walkways, go through tubes, get inside the interior of cars, difficult terrain, mud slides, and to go inside places that have collapsed etc. Then the dog is taught how to jump off a boat into water, getting into and off an airplane or helicopter and they are trained to get used to loud machines, gun shots etc. They are also trained specifically to track in many different ways to be able to smell all different kinds of odors, something that is indispensable for this type of work. During the first stages of the special training they are taught to find a visual object which is thrown by a distance by the trainer. Then they learn to find things visually with signals. Before continuing with the special training, the dogs need to take a complete exam that involves a systematic search in rooms with air flows so they can smell the doors, walls etc, the trainers will leave something there obviously so the dog is able to find it. The trainers hide things in every possible place you can imagine such as in air conditioners, packages, stairways etc. It's important to point out that in these types of training dogs assume their responsibility and they are not a game. These dogs are intelligent, capable and responsible.

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