Training the Dog at Home

You will need more time in order to train some dogs inside the house. Keep this in mind and be very patient. If you have an adult dog that has never lived in a house, treat him as you normally would treat a puppy.

You should not punish your dog for making a mess in the house, or yell at him for urinating inside. The only thing you will obtain with this attitude is make the dog nervous and run away from you. Anticipate when your dog has to urinate or defecate and go with him to the place you have chosen for this purpose. The most usual moments are after eating or playing or right after the dog wakes up. Then clean up the place very well.

Time Control
Dogs are always careful about not getting their place dirty. If you cannot take your dog out, it is better to leave him in his cage and give him a toy so he can be entertained. Control the time amount of your dog remains in the cage, and take him out as soon as you can. Make sure the cage isn't too small for the puppy.

The Newspaper
Teaching your dog to urinate and defecate on a piece of newspaper can have a negative effect because the animal might not be able to differentiate between the paper and the rest of the house. As a general rule and as early as possible, teach your dog to urinate and defecate outside the house and only do it inside the house when the circumstances are not favorable outside.

The fact that the dog suddenly starts smelling the floor insistently usually is a sign that the dog is about to get it dirty. In almost any pet shop, you can buy sprays which help the puppy use the place we have previously impregnated with that smell.

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