Training your Dog to "Come" & "Sit"

Many times, you will notice potential dangers before your dog does, so, his safety, it is important that you teach him to immediately come when you order him to. When the dog is a puppy, he will come looking for security, but once he is an adult, he has to be trained to come because he wants to be with you.

Training your dog to heed your call is rewarding and fun, especially when you establish a bond between you and your canine partner.

1. Before this, your dog should learn how to sit and stay quiet. With the leash in your left hand and a treat in your right hand, move away and give him the order to "stay".

2. Turn until you are facing the dog holding the leash and show the treat to the dog. Call your dog by his name and give him the order to "come".

3. Once your dog gets to where you are, give him the order to "sit". Many dogs will sit spontaneously so they won't lose sight of the treat, but you have to give the order anyway when your dog sits.

4. As soon as the dog has learned to come to you with a normal leash, start using a long leash. Offering a toy as a reward is more visible from a distance for the dog.

5. When your dog obeys your orders to "sit" and "come", give him his reward toy and congratulate him.

6. With the dog's leash on your shoulder and the toy in your pocket, call the dog and order him to "sit". Pass on to this stage once the dog has already learned to come to you from the distance established by the long leash.

Urgent Action
So as to make your dog lie down, kneel down and pass your hand down the leash to the collar and push it downwards, keeping your wrist and your elbow rigid while you give your dog the order to "lie down".

Teaching your dog to lie down at home or in a quiet garden is easier than doing it in a more thrilling environment. Once the dog has learned the lesson you can go on to doing the same thing but in an area which is not that quiet.

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