Training your dog to come on call

Training your dog to come when you call is without question one of the handiest commands to have in your bag of tricks, especially when out walking or playing in the park. For starters the command "Come" must always be associated with something positive and never anything negative. You the trainer must avoid using (especially at the beginning) the command come if you plan to scold the dog. Also If you use the command "Come" and then put a leash on your dog and take it home from the park, the dog might begin to associate the command with having to be put on a leash and having its fun and games brought to an abrupt end. When you begin teaching your dog to come try this exercise to help your dog grasp the idea.
Have a friend sit at one end of the room with you and the dog at the other.
Take turns calling the dog's name together with the command "Come." Be sure to use an upbeat tone of voice.
Use food treats, toys, etc… to entice the dog to respond to the command.
Reward it generously whenever it responds to the command "Come".
Now take your dog out into the yard or some other outside area and put your dog on a long leash (or rope) and then once it walks away from you call it to "Come". As your dog's ability improves and it comes every time you call it, start introducing distractions into your practice sessions.
Once your dog is reliably and consistently returning to you every time that you call to it, even when there are distractions then it is time to start training it without the leash. Never have your dog off of the leash in an area that isn't enclosed or in an area that poses any danger or possible danger to your dog.
Once your dog is reliable and consistent in its obedience to your call even without a leash and has demonstrated its desire to obey you even over other interesting distractions then you can take your dog to the park and allow it to run free knowing that when you call it will come.

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