Training your dog to get up and Stay

Training your dog to get up: It is not possible to teach your dog the command "Up" until it has learned both sit and down and can perform these actions with consistency. However once you have taught your dog to sit and lie down this command will come in handy. Begin by walking your dog at the heel position (beside your left leg) and then stop tell it to sit and lie down.
Once your dog is lying on the ground wait a few seconds and then tell it "Up" while taking a step forward and pulling up gently on the leash. If the dog stands up then congratulate it and reward it. If the dog doesn't get up then simply wait for a while and then try again. This command can also be used to have the dog stand up from the sitting position.

Training your dog to stay

Now that your dog has mastered sit and lie down it is time to combine these commands with stay. These following exercises should be done within an enclosed area to prevent your dog from running off or getting into a potentially dangerous situation. First have your dog sit and then stand in front of it and tell it to "Stay" while taking a small step backwards.
After only a second or two step back and give the "Up" command at which point you should praise it and reward it for a job well done.
Once your dog is consistently staying even when you take a step back try and lengthen the distance. Again have your dog sit and tell it to stay while walking a short distance away. Count to three in your head and then return to your dog release it, praising it and rewarding it. Slowly increase both the distance and the amount of time that you are away from your dog. Once you can move ten feet away from your dog and remain there for about thirty seconds without your dog moving, start adding distractions into your practice sessions. Follow the same instructions to teach your dog stay combined with down.

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