Training your dog to sit

Training your dog to sit: Always begin training your dog a new command in a place that is quiet and free of distractions. Also putting a normal collar and leash onto the dog will help you to keep better control of it at all times during your training sessions. To teach your dog to sit, begin by standing a few feet in front of it and calling to it while you hold a visible treat in your right hand at about chest height. As the dog approaches move the treat up and over the dogs head, this will cause the dogs back end to move towards the floor. Just as the dogs rear end is about to touch the floor, say "Sit" and then give the dog the treat and praise it. Repeat this exercise until your dog places its rear end on the floor by your just giving it the command to sit.

As soon as your dog is able to consistently obey your command to sit whether there is a food reward offered or not, try having it sit but in an area with some simple distractions.
You should repeat the first steps again until your dog masters the command sit with the simple distractions.
Then begin training your dog to sit outside in the yard and once it masters that you can move your training sessions to the park.
The idea is to increase your dog's confidence and ability slowly and incrementally so that it becomes more obedient and reliable.
If for some reason your dog gets stuck during one of your practice sessions and does not obey your command, do not repeat the command but rather switch to a command that your dog is familiar with and reward it and then end the training session.
Never end a training session on a negative note and never make your training times too long or else the dog will become bored and distracted. A dog that is interested and excited about learning will be a much more responsive student.

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