Transition phase for Puppies

Discovering the world and man: Between 12 and 20 days of age, puppies wake up from limbo. Around day 12 they open their eyes (at the beginning they see only shadows), and day 15 their auditory channel opens, and then they start hearing.This is called transition phase. We can note the auditory channels are open, cause the puppies are attracted by noises, as clapping for instance. If we make a strong and sudden noise, they will show no sign of fear. This does not mean they cannot hear well yet, it's just they have not discover fear as yet. In this period, curiosity is also activated. They start smelling things on the bed, and to see (or at least trying) objects within their sight. Around the 20th day of life, puppies decide to see these new things nearer, and try to walk towards them. Their first attempts end usually on the floor, cause the head is very heavy, and they have not learnt to counterbalance it. Some few days later they start trying to run.

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