Traveling with Dog

The cruelty that an owner shows toward his dog when going on a trip or vacation is widely known. Traveling with Dogs is no field trip for the dog and since dogs do not yell, organize manifestations, write letters of complaint or declare a strike, no one really notices the suffering they go through. Leaving your dog alone is a traumatic experience for him. Sometimes it is inevitable, like when an owner has to be hospitalized, but if it is a trip or vacation, the traumatic experience can be reduced to a minimum.

Not all dogs can overcome trauma, fear or sadness. Leaving your dog in a canine residence or with unknown people is the same as abandoning him. How is he supposed to know you are coming back? I feel that it is our duty to plan our trips in a way that our dog can accompany us. When you dog travelling bagfirst buy a dog, you have indirectly accepted an agreement that states: I have been entrusted to you and I will do every thing in my power to make you happy and have you reach old age with dignity. Leaving your dog behind would be an infraction to this agreement.

Dog Carriers

Most dogs like to take trips on cars and practically all like going on vacation as long as they do not feel uncomfortable. Many dogs are familiarized with the preparations of traveling, and at the first sign of making your luggage, your dog will make an effort to get attention and not be forgotten. It would be a great disappointment for your old dog if he were not allowed to go. If you do decide to travel with your dog, take into account his old age. He will probably dislike cold weather or too much heat. Make sure your dog has water available to him, as well as the food that he is used to eating.

Traveling should not be a problem for an old dog, especially if he has done it before. It would be advisable to talk to your veterinarian about which medicine your dog could take if something went wrong given his weaknesses. If your veterinarian suggests that your dog is not capable of making the trip, try to rearrange your schedule so that your dog does not have to stay alone.Old Dogs and Sex

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