Traveling with Dog - Airplane or Car

It doesn't matter what sort of Traveling you do with the dog, it will always be great stress for it.

Traveling with dog by car: If the dog gets uneasy, tell someone to sit by its side and talk to it calmly. Do not yell or punish it if your dog does anything, for it probably is because of the excitement. Plan some breaks during the trip so your dog can walk a little bit and rest, but do not take the leash off him, even if it seems docile and calm, for the situation is new to it.Traveling with dog by plane: You can take dogs of up to 6 kg of weight in a passenger space. Big dogs have to travel in the cargo sector.

Some companies do not admit more than one animal per flight, which means you will probably have to register yours I advance. Find out if the conditions (pressure, temperature, etc) are right for your dog, sometimes, what you think is obvious, may not be so in some cases, specially in smaller planes, and you obviously need to make sure your dog is going to survive the flight.

If your dog has to travel in a carrier, make sure:

It is cosy (put a blanket in it, at least)

The door is locked: Put sign whichCLEARLYsays it cannot be opened unless the owner is there. (Some people like to give the dogs water, and that's when they run away)

You are with your dog as long as you can before they put it in the plane, a tip for the staff may be useful as well. Tell them to put the case in a ventilated place.

You are careful when you open the case: there is serious risk of the dog escaping. Open the door a little bit, take the dog by the collar and attach it to the leash.

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