Tumors and cysts in dogs

Tumors and cysts are lumps or bumps that grow on the inside or outside of the body. These strange formations don't usually cause any harm to the animal's health, but it's best to take the animal to the veterinarian to check just in case. Tumors show up when the cells in a specific part of the body begin to reproduce and proliferate uncontrollably. This increase of mass causes protuberances or lumps. Any one cell is potentially able to turn into a tumor, and this is why tumors show up in the tissue and organs of the body. Malignant tumors grow very rapidly and invade the body very aggressively. Malignanttumors can also spread through the lymphatic system or through the blood flow into other parts of the body. This phenomenon is known as metastasis. Benign tumors on the other hand, grow a lot slower. They grow near the normal body tissue pushing them but not invading them. The most common type of benign tumor is lymphoma. Treatment is not usually needed unless it is causing some type of discomfort to the dog. Cysts are "bags" of liquid or semisolid material that are surrounded by a membrane wrapping. Cysts can sometimes remain at their same size during months or even years, and usually they disperse into the animal's body if the owner puts pressure on them with his or her fingers pressing from side to side. Normally no special treatment is required unless they get infected or they cause the dog discomfort. Cysts have sometimes (very rarely though) turned into tumors.

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