Type of Hunting Dog Breeds

Are you evaluating some types of hunting dog and are looking for what are the hunting dog breeds available to you? Have a read below and carefully think


  • Big size
  • Short hair
  • It's not advisable to train them to attack or defend
  • If only obedience trained, it can serve as a companion dog
  • Good temperament
  • Imposes respect (guard dog characteristic)


  • Medium size
  • Short hair
  • Can serve as a companion in large houses
  • Requires a lot of space
  • Lively

Irish setter

  • Medium size
  • Has long hair that requires care and grooming
  • Can serve as a companion, needs large spaces to live in

Tip: Although we have given many suggestions and characteristics of some breeds, it's important to remember that each one is unique and in the case of wanting to acquire one, the most recommended thing to do is seek the help and counsel of a reputable veterinarian or specialist.

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