Type of Puppy and Dog Diseases Cancer

Unfortunately, just like humans, dogs also suffer from different types of cancer and because of this they must be kept a close eye on if they begin to lose weight really quickly for no apparent reason, are excessively tired and start acting usually down. If you notice the dog is hemorrhaging or if the dog has lumps on any part of his body it could be an indicator of a serious problem. Another indicator of problems are when the dog or puppy starts tumbling for no apparent reason or starts walking lifting one of his legs for several days in a roll, this could be the beginning of cancer to the bone, and it is something that unfortunately is seen more then ever these days. Cancer treatment for dogs are few and difficult. Any type of problem that is directlyrelated to a disease and those that aren't, are matters that must be consulted with the veterinarian. It would be simply cruel to allow the poor animal to suffer in silent pain and it is our responsibility to give our dogs the opportunity to continue living free of pain, protected, and to provide all of their needs. If your dog has grown and developed in a normal way, but all of a sudden begins to show signs of premature aging, talk to your veterinarian right away. If your dog is sick or has not been eating a balanced diet, and seems fatigued due to lack of vital energy or has lost his ability to run about as usual, you will need to take him to get a check up so the veterinarian can find the cause of the problem. There are medications that can be given to the dog depending on the problem that has arisen.

Male dogs: Male dogs generally go through a period in which they become sexually around at around fifteen to twelve months of age. This should not be considered as bad behavior since it is just a conduct that is derived from hormonal stimulation. Some puppies get it more than others. This behavior can be passively corrected. Make sure to not use physical force so as to not frighten the dog; especially if you are intending to use the dog as a reproducer later on in the future. After about a year the puppy usually stops this behavior. If the puppy becomes overly excited, talk to your veterinarian.

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