Types Of Dogs VS Breeds of Dogs

Not all breeds of dogs are appropriate enough to be incorporated into a house, an apartment, family, or to living with only one person. Generally, dogs are classified into types of dogs like: guard dogs hunting dogs, or companion dogs. Yet each one of these breeds has specific characteristics and unique ones. Here are some of the main characteristics of some well trained purebreds:

Guard Dog BreedsCompanion Dog BreedsHunting Dog Breeds AiredaleterrierBasset houndMastiffDobermanBeaglePointerGreat DaneBichon friseIrish setterMastiffBoxer German shepherdBulldog Belgian SheepdogPoodle RottweilerChihuahua Giant SchnauzerCocker Collie Dalmatian Fox terrier Greyhound Labrador Maltese Pekingese Pinscher Pitbull Saint Bernard Miniature & Medium Schnauzer English sheepdog Yorkshire terrier

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