Types of Toys for Dogs & Puppies

All toys don't have to be made of natural material. Don't buy plastic nor painted objects, glued or chemically treated. Buy special toys that are sold in pet shops. Biting toys are important for puppies: a rope, cotton rags, wooden blocks that are rounded out at the edges and that don't splinter, solid rubber hoops. Small pieces that they can swallow, painted wood, metallic or soft plastic toys and old shoes of the owner are always a problem. Because young dogs can't distinguish between the new prohibited ones shoes and old permitted ones.

Balls are interesting to play with alone or collectively. The ideal would be for the ball to be of solid rubber big enough to fit in his mouth, but not small enough so that he can't swallow it. Tennis balls (neutral color) are allowed for young dogs but in know way ping-pong balls. The ball to hit with the muzzle has to be big but very heavy. Soft leather or plastic ones are not very good because the dog can break it into pieces and choke on it.

The Blanked to tumble and frisk on will become to in time into something inseparable of the dog. Chewing bones and noisy dolls are dog's favorites. Chewing bones (made of buffalo skin) are, besides a toy a good way for the dogs to exercise and build face and neck muscles, especially during the change of their denture. Dolls have an educational value to the dogs: it takes away their fear, from when their small, from unusual noises. A box for toys. The game must be something special for the dog. Only this way this game with rewards cause the desired effect your looking for during his basic education.; only this way will you continue the pleaser of playing for many years; only this way will you get the dog to loose bad habits immediately and definitively. For the dog that stays alone, the toy taken from the house is a praise given before hand. Nothing more then giving the final order of finishing time of each game, the toys will go and sit in the box, except for the blanket and maybe a chewing bone, although this wont be left to the dog for an unlimited amount of time (even though it's a puppy). The rules that define the beginning and end of the game, as well as the opening and closing of the box, show that the decisions in the game are taken by the human and only him.

Important: if his dog doesn't want to let go of his toy, don't try to take it away form him by force (cause that would defying him), try to seduce it away form him using candies or other toys and give the order <let go!>, and when he does praise him for it and repeat the exercise. Also avoid the fight over a toy between many dogs. Some small races have very light structures (like the Chihuahua), so you must never let him jump off a sofa or chair (danger of breaking a bone). First of all, never play wrestling aggressively with a dominant dog (mostly males), to not support their auto-sufficiency.

Important: The man decides when to play and for how long! You shouldn't restrain the enthusiasm of the dog. However: don't immediately give in to all his demands, but give some orders first <sit!> or <lay!> and then give the signal to start the game.

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