Understand Dog Behavior Problems

Dog influences: In other cases, the lack of understanding dog behavior modifications and problems relates to the emotional state of the dog owner, for example in the cases of people that have aggressive personalities or are very temperamental; the dog will most likely become influenced by the behavior the owner shows. If the conduct of a dog owner is unstable; one day quiet and friendly, and the next nervous and aggressive, his or her dog will also behave the same way since it lives around uncertainty and because it does not know how its owner is going to react from one moment to the next. There are cases where dog pathologic problems such as losing their hearing and because the owner is not aware of it, he or she yells at the dog and gets angry because they believe their dog has turned into a disobedient dog. When this happens, it causes the animal to become depressed and anguished because it does not know how to please its owner. It's very important to always keep in mind that the emotions of the dogs can have certain implications beyond that of tolerance and appearance from one moment, and this is why it is our obligation to watch for their physical and psychic health. We should never push our dogs away if they suddenly begin to show behavior and conduct problems. Dogs can also become chronically stressed when they are in places that are overpopulated, and this is sometimes times seen in big animal shelters where stress can show up due to repression. If a dog is put in a stressful situation for a long time, or if it continually happens, there are diverse ways of behavior that will come about caused by the unbalance of the dog's emotional equilibrium. It is our job to analyze and find the problem to be able to start the adequate treatment with the help of a professional veterinarian. Never deprive a dog from the help it deserves. Remember that dogs are a symbol of love and loyalty, and that they are completely dependent on us. Lets not let them down.

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