cross country ski skiing equipment technique

Cross Country Skiing - Skijoring:A great wintertime activity that can be shared by both you and your dog is cross-country skiing, also known as skijoring. For this activity you will need a skijoring belt as pictured to the right (essentially a belt with a lead attached to it). You should be reasonably comfortable on skis before hooking yourself up to a dog, especially if your dog has a tendency to wander around. You should also be sure to warm up thoroughly, including some good stretches as an excited dog can pull your body in directions nature never intended! Skiing with your dog can be an extremely enjoyable way to experience the outdoors. Cross-country skiing is also one of the best calorie-burning exercises out there because you use nearly all the major muscle groups in your body.

Horsing Around: There's nothing a dog likes better than frolicking around. Most dogs just love to play and love it when you play with them. Running around the backyard playing keep-away with a favorite toy or ball, chasing after it with your dog or letting your dog chase you around is great fun and is a great way to get some exercise. You may get into such great shape that your dog tires out before you do! If your dog likes to chase a ball around, play soccer with him and some friends and/or family. Kick the ball around to each other as you run around and let him chase the ball around too!

There are probably many favorite games you already play with your dog. To get more exercise while you're playing, be sure to get involved with him while he's running around. Imagine your dogs surprise when you throw a ball for him to fetch and you get to it before he does! Always remember, the safest place to play with your dog off-leash is in a fenced-in area or yard. Your dog may seem to be completely fine off leash but all it takes is one moment of distraction at the wrong time, such as another dog or small animal, and your dog could be lost or severely injured or worse. Play smart!

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